Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A blog for Kindergarten ESL teachers

I would like to encourage you to visit this site about Nursery English Teaching, managed and posted by Roser Casas Bou:

It is a blog with resources for teachers and parents teaching English in Kindergarten (also called Nursery education or pre school). The school is called Mare de Déu de Montserrat and it is placed in Súria (Barcelona-Spain).

It is full of songs, stories, books ... links to other webs or blogs with resources to teach at these early ages, popular posts, and lots (and lots!) of tips and ideas for teaching English to very young learners.

Do not miss it! 
All I need to know
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  1. Thank you Roser for this useful and helpful blog. Hope you like my post!
    A big hug.

  2. Thank you so much! All I wanted to say is ... "the most important things I ever really needed to know about teaching english in Kindergarten"... I learned in your classes! Please, keep in touch!

  3. Thanks very much and congratulations for your helpful blog . I'm an English teacher. Actually I work in a primary public school in Spain with children from three to five years old. I have included some of your recommended educational websites sites in my blog, as well as a resource for my classes. El Blog de Espe

  4. Thank you Espe! Happy you like my blog and the resources I comment in it. I hope you will find some more interesting things in the future. Oh, yes! And share everything you want!
    I will have a close look to your blog...