Friday, May 27, 2011

How can a school web become an ESL workspace in Primary education

Today I would like to recommend a website that a fellow from our working group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, uses to work with their primary pupils.

Antonio Orihuela is an elementary English language teacher in the school Pins del Vallés in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). Like many other English teachers he set a website up to show his students' language outcomes made in the school.

What is exceptional in this page is that Antonio uses it to "work" literally with the students. It has become an online workspace for both homework and reinforcement activities.

I think it is a wonderful way of bringing the school work at home, and involving parents in the learning of a new language (as well as taking the language out of the school, of course!)

Among other things, children can find extension activities such as “listenings”, readings, songs and games. He recommends these tools and sites for reinforcement:
Motivation is paramount!

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