Monday, June 20, 2011

How to design a picture book: Picture Book maker

This school year I had the opportunity to work with Picture Book Maker with my students and it was a great discovering.

It is an online application made by ArtisanCam to design illustrated books for children, but it can also be a good application for students of art and visual Education practice composition. You can choose among different backgrounds, backdrops, characters in different poses, props, and of course text.

The illustrations made by Sarah Dyer, look hand drawn and can be adjusted to fit the story. Each character (animals) has different actions and poses. Even the text looks like it is hand written. When the book is completed, it can be saved to the gallery, sent by email, or printed out.

Picture Book Maker is a fun way for students to publish stories online. I really like how the stories look like, and above all, of course, “they were created by children”

When the story is finished, it can be printed out or be sent by email to parents. You can also take benefit of a projector or an IWB for a collaborative story creation.

This is just an example made in my ESL class with Y3 students. They made some books for youngers in the school: They design them, they print them out and they explain them orally. It was a great experience and a wonderful oral language practice (clik here to view the book!)

Be sure to visit the gallery of stories to see other student’s creations. I really recommend you to have a look to ArtisanCam web page. You can get lots of ideas to push children into literacy.

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