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Teachers of languages in Europe know very well The Common European Framework of References for Languages and The European Language Portfolio  (Council of Europe). They know the importance of both frame and tool, “to support language learning and articulation between levels in any setting: immersion programs, dual language programs, FLES programs, courses for adults, content-based language programs, or in traditional middle, high school and post-secondary language sequences”.

The LinguaFolio is the American equivalent of the European Language Portfolio. The authors describe it:

"The LinguaFolio is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences. It is a tool that should accompany language learning throughout life and is suitable for documenting language abilities for various uses."

The LinguaFolio allows students to collect evidence demonstrating their communicative abilities to themselves and others. It also documents intercultural experiences and reflections that enhance language learning and cultural understanding.

Native speakers of languages can use LinguaFolio to document both their progress in learning English as an additional language and their proficiency in their home language or languages.

The goal is to empower each individual learner to take responsibility for her or his language proficiency and be able to continue to develop proficiency independently and autonomously once the formal sequence of language instruction has ended.

When teachers and learners work together to document language learning in this manner, language learners, as well as teachers, have a common language to describe what learners are able to do. Once this common language is established and utilized, meaningful articulation of language learning from pre-Kindergarten to post-graduate and beyond can and should result, thereby moving many more students to higher levels of proficiency efficiently and utilizing limited resources wisely.

LinguaFolio On Line

LinguaFolio Online from CASLS on Vimeo.

For further information:

Site: Curriculum and instruction. Public schools of North Carolina  You will find
• LinguaFolio Materials
• LinguaFolio Jr. Materials
• ESL LinguaFolio Materials
• Training Materials

Site: National Council of State Supervisors for Languages . It is interesting to have a look at the “Self-Assessment grid” and the “Self-Assessment checklists” to compare with the CEFR (European Framework)

Site: CASLS: Center for Applied Second Language Studies. LinguaFolio On Line:

Leyla Masmaliyeva blog, about implementing LinguaFolio in USA

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