Thursday, September 22, 2011

SEN Teacher

This is a very useful site not only for students with special needs and learning disabilities but also  for educators of primary and elementary students (SEN stands for Special Educational Needs)

SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources and, it is specially useful for ESL teachers that search for English literacy resources in primary.

In SEN TEACHER you can find flashcard templates that can be customize. Actually you can use them for any subject or area, because the web allows you to use any language. There are nice sets of photografs you can use at your own way.
I want to emphasize the list of web links  with cost-free learning resources, and the section of freeware tools download for sen and other educational software.

All the resources are free for use in schools and at home.
  • Maths Printables has a selection of free printable worksheets, cards and maths manipulatives.
  • Literacy Printables has handouts and teaching aids which suppport reading and writing.
  • Other Printables has certificates and resources for Science, PSHE and other subjects.
  • Web Links lists favoured websites with cost-free learning resources and information.
  • Downloads has freeware special needs and educational software from several sources.
  • Search Tools are custom Google search engines which index free resources and info sites.

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