Tuesday, September 06, 2011

To help you in planning a lesson... (2)

“When you design a plan there are a number of questions you must think carefully about and answer (these will help you, a lot!):
  1. What are the inputs? This means you have the information (content description, student characteristics, list of materials, prerequisites, time estimates, etc.) necessary to begin the plan.
  2. What is the output? This means a description of what the students are supposed to learn.
  3. What do I do? This means a description of the instructional activities you will use.
  4. What is the contribution of the lesson plan to the basic skills? This means to think about the basic skills that will be put into play when developing the lesson.
  5. What do the students do? This means a description of what the students will do during the lesson.
  6. How will the learning be measured? This means a description of the assessment criteria and procedure at the end of the lesson”.

It is very important, as well to consider the following:

  • There is an immense difference between being able to plan and actually being able to carry out the plan. 
  • No lesson plan is able to support “life of the classroom”. There are many little things that distort the lesson plan and even make change it completely.
  • Reflection on your daily practice will carry you to the experience. This means teachers need to become “great thinkers” and experts on improvisation, in the best sense of the word.

“However, if you have thought carefully about where you are going while writing your lesson plan, the chances of your success, as well as the success of your students, are much greater”. 

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