Thursday, November 17, 2011

14 Places To Make Comic Books And Strips Online

Making comics, strips, animated movies, stories or designing super heroes is always fun.

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And not only fun. In Primary we can take benefit of the enormous possibilities that making comics can offer to ESLT. You can use them as prompts for writing. Its is a great way to motivate students to tell stories, personal feelings, anecdotes or facts, and as improvement on grammar, vocabulary or tenses.

Today I bring you 14 online places to invite children to make their own comics. Some of these places are so easy to use with very youngs: they will create comic books and strips in minutes. Some other, more challanging, will inspire upper primary students to make complete stories in English.

Notice that the sites are classified into easy - medium - difficult, according to elementary and primary uses.

This is a basic Comic Creator with predefined templates. Once you finish the comic book you can print it, or start the new one (easy)

Make Comic Books And Strips Online - My Story Maker

Your students will make a story through few easy steps. Once you get in, you’ll choose a character, add items, scenery objects, and adjust scene settings (easy)

Just select a scene, a hero and add a dialogue. You can easily give predefined
actions to your hero: jump, kick, twist... (easy)

Students can make their comics with the help of the Easy Builder or with the help of the Super Builder. The Easy Builder is faster, simplier and ideal for writing a quick stripe or joke. The Super Builder is advanced and students may use it if they want maximum control over their strips: custom layouts, character poses, detailed scenes, and more. (easy - medium)

Toondoo combines several tools: ToonDoo Maker, Book Maker, ImagineR,
TraitR, DoodleR. Hundreds of possibilities. Just learn by yourself! (easy - medium)

First, students make the character, then they make the strip. By combining the two, students can create really funny comic strips.(medium - difficult)

Make Comic Books And Strips Online - Write Comics
They can use predefined characters, props, aliens, and animals, as well as predefined backgrounds to create their own comic books. Moreover, they can add dialogs and put words into their character mouths (easy).

This is a site to design an illustrated book. Students can choose among different backgrounds, backdrops, characters in different poses, props, and of course text (easy)

A very unic place to make comics with black and white characters, objects, shapes, and bubbles. It looks very professional (difficult)

This is a site for your students to have fun by creating their own comic strips. They can choose their actors from predefined characters, they write words or thoughts, and that's all! They only need little creativity and start exploring new possibilities (easy).

You can do comics in many different languages. Pixton is completely customizable. You can move characters into any pose, bring avatars to life with animation or set key frames. The final outcome can be send by email, embed in blogs, and print it (medium - difficult)

KerPoof is owned and operated by Walt Disney company. Children can make artwork, animated movies, printed cards and stories (easy)

The hero factory allow your students to make a hero. They can choose hero gender, upper body, lower body, add props, etc. It is not exactly a comic maker but a hero character maker to be included in their comic books (easy)

Hero Machine is similar to The Hero Factory where you can choose male or female hero and build them.

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