Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Content and Language Integrated Learning Resources (CLIL)

I like to share with you some interesting links for those teachers who are doing CLIL in their schools. And very especially for those who do science in English.

First I would like to highlight the blog "Free Technology for Teachers" written by Richard Byrne (a blog that I strongly recommend!). It made me discover Simple Science Videos on Vimeo: 91 videos you can use to help explaining science facts.

A video about what do plants need in order to grow well is embedded below.

The aim of each video is to give a clear explanation of science topics that elementary and middle school students can understand. Free Technology for Teachers blog comment: “Designed primarily for elementary and middle school students, Simple Science's videos are entertaining and informative videos for introducing a new topic to your students. The collection of videos is also good for independent learning by students. These videos could be included in slide presentation that students may give as part of research assignment”.

Another interesting site for CLIL Science teachers is Kids Health in the Classroom. It is a site to find lesson plans, videos, and games for teaching health topics to students of all ages.

You can find a large set of teacher's guides containing lesson plans, activities, and worksheets to download from pre-K to high school about human body, health problems, and personal health.

In Kids Health in the Classroom you can find The Game Closet containing games, movies, quizzes, and activities for learning about topics in health.

The Game Closet could provide some individual activities that your students can do to reinforce the ideas that you teach in your classroom.

This is just an idea:
Mission Nutrition game

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