Monday, December 26, 2011

The Chook Book site

"Here in Australia, "chook" is what lots of us call a hen. 
It rhymes with book"

The Book Chook

This is the way Susan Stephenson introduces her site. She is a writer, editor and a Kindergarten teacher. She likes to define herself as a "real mother hen, who loved reading aloud to my chicks".

The Book Chook blog shares "snippets" she discover from the wonderful world and words of kids’ literacy, learning and literature. It is a very useful educational site of resources to help, not only kids to read, to write and to create, but also to help parents, teachers and librarians in this "long and winding road" to literacy.

You must take your time to look around The Book Chook. You can search for topics, browse the blog archive, or check out popular posts. There are lots of ideas about how to encourage children to write (procedures, comics, prompts...), storytelling, suggestions for reading and how to promote creativity and production.

I strongly recommend to "grab" a copy of Literacy Lava, a free pdf magazine for parents and teachers that "is erupting with great ideas".

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