Wednesday, December 28, 2011

English language exercises in a minute!

Lack of time? Are you in a hurry to prepare a "fill the gaps" activity? Or a "scramble sentences" one?

This is a very useful site in which you will find a variety of tools that can help you prepare English language exercises within minutes. And it's all free!

Copy and paste or write the text you want to use in to the generators and they will instantly create a worksheet and an answersheet for you that you can print out or export to PDF.

These tools can be used by English teachers to prepare exercises for class and also by students that wish to create exercises themselves.

Have a try with the different tools the site offers you. It's never been easier to create exercises!

These are the different tools you've got to cretate activities:
  • Gap Fill:  Removes words from your text
  • Filter Articles: Removes all articles from your text
  • Filter Conjunctions: Removes all conjunctions from your text
  • Filter Prepositions: Removes all prepositions from your text
  • Filter Modal Verbs: Removes all modal verbs from your text
  • Scramble Words: Scrambles the letters in words you insert
  • Scramble Sentences: Scrambles the words in the sentences you insert
  • Scramble Paragraphs: Scrambles the paragraphs you insert
  • Match Pairs: Mixes up words and their synonyms
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Creates multiple choice questions exercises
  • True/False Questions: Creates True/False questions exercises

From now on, your grammar activities won't be the same!

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    1. I would like to help others how to learn foreign language. I build vocabulary flashcards. A major benefit of the flashcards is that they are extremely portable, comfortably fit into my pocket. If I am standing in the queue at the movie theatre or the mall I pluck them out kill some time by revising them. To make cards I use Accelebrain tool.