Monday, February 13, 2012

Who said that learning the alphabet was a boring activity?

Learning the alphabet is an important step in our children's literacy development.  
  • Alphabet knowledge is naming the letters of the alphabet and recognizing the letter symbols in print (Johnston, 2004). 
  • Recognizing the alphabet is one of the most accurate predictors of early reading success (Johnston, 2004; Sayeski, Burgess, Pianta, & Lloyd, n.d.). 
  • In order to learn to read, a child must know most of his letters, but not all are necessary in the earliest stages. In order to progress, however, he must know all 26, both uppercase and lowercase (Temple et al., 2005).
How is alphabet taught and learned?
Learning the alphabet is one of the biggest and most exciting developments a child will go through. Alphabet games and alphabet songs are the best ways to teach a child the alphabet.

Here you are some good websites and songs to go through it. Learn the alphabet in 123 with Orgdots fun letter game for kids of all ages. Alphabet Printable Activities. Worksheets, Coloring Pages and Games.   A Fun Way to Learn the Alphabet

 Along with the book there this video of the alphabet song. You'll find flash cards, colouring pages and a wall poster to download and print, You can type your name in alphabetimals and print it out. Educational online games for kids preschool through sixth grade. Free interactive learning games for my numbers, my abc's, my alphabet, how to tell time, educational games. Help children learn the ABCs with this free online game! Click on the bright, bold letters to play!  a collection of printables and worksheets to reinforce child's learning of the alphabet and letters, upper and lower case.  Alphabet games with different levels. Get fun while learning! All you ever wanted to know about teaching the alphabet, math, phonics, and reading.  Alphabet Printable Activities. Worksheets, Coloring Pages and Games  Practise the letters of the alphabet with Alphabet Antics, a fun way to learn the alphabet. A strange animal has entered the zoo. Where should it go? See where the zookeeper puts the new animal in the story. This preschool activity center offers free online preschool games, interactive animations and coloring pages for kids. Games, colouring pages, printables, and much more

And some songs and videos from You Tube:

But if you want to spend some money in a good alphabet display for the school visit this page: Grégoire Ganter I'm sure you will get some ideas to do it by yourself!

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