Monday, February 20, 2012

ARC. A site with resources for teachers to cover the curriculum

ARC is a web site that contains and provides ideas for activities, resources and itineraries linked to the curriculum. As the site is continuously increasing with new proposals, it will become a very useful tool for teachers of all levels to help them in their classroom work.

The idea is to "fill" the curriculum with activities, tasks and projects that promote methodological improvements, and spread the development of basic skills.

All the activities are "ready to adapt". They are catalogued in the same way and have the same structure: a description of the activity, basic skills involved, objectives, procedures, resources, methodological aspects, and a proposal for assessment. One of the best things is that each activity provides the complete set of worksheets for the students and documents for the teacher -in pdf format- to be immediatly adapted or adopted in the class.
If an activity has more than 5 of these characteristics,
Then it is a Competency Based Activity.

The word ARC is an acronym of “Aplicació de Recursos al Currículum” (resources and activities to "cover" the curriculum) and includes the areas of mathematics, languages, social sciences and philosophy, natural sciences and technology.

ARC has been promoted from CESIRE, which depend on the Department of Education of Generalitat de Catalunya.

Here I linked some of the activities I have found interesting for the teaching of English as a Second Language in Primary.

Going shopping with dollars!
Designed by Imma Piquer i Marta Boada

My Pencil Case
Designed by Montse Solé

Made in ...
Designed by Rosamaria Felip

My family
Designed by Enric Calvet

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  1. Thanks for your post! I think ARC is a great tool and we are working hard to share our ideas.