Monday, March 19, 2012

Create your own stories and poems

Sometimes the only thing you want in your elementary esl class is o have some fun! But if the students can learn some language at the same time... much better!

Why don't you encourage your students to write and read their own "kooky" tales?

You may think that this is a difficult task, impossible to do with the level of your students. You should try Wacky Web Tales. It is a simple web site with lots of funny stories, and when you add the wacky words, it’s even funnier!

Last week I recommend my upper primary students to do one tale as a homework assignment and to print it for reading in class. The surprise was to realize that even the more lazy students had made more than two or three tales!

Read one of the tales they’ve got:

The New Kids in School

This year is sure to be an amazing year at Els Convents. There are several new kids at the school and they are working hard to make new friends. They just moved here from Cartoonville!

In the first grade, Lisa Simpson is the newest addition to the group. She is learning about sitting at a pen and about maths. In fourth grade, Pocoyo is studying macaronis.

Both kids are trying hard to fit in. Since Lisa Simpson is a cartoon character, she can bend her leg unlike any other kid. This makes her really popular playing skipping rope on the playground because she can get out of the way of the other kids very quickly. Pocoyo is also trying to fit in. He had many friends in his cartoon, but they do not live here. He's become popular because all the other kids are asking him what it is like to be a cartoon character, and what Spiderman and Batman are really like. Both cartoon kids are sure to make this a special year!

It is funny and motivational for further writing and reading activities, and to understand (finally!) what an adverb, or an adjective or a plural is!

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