Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Different ways to use wikis for teaching and learning

If you are one of my followers you may remember a post talking about the differences between Wikis and Blogs, as we use them for teaching and learning purposes.

Blogs or wikis to work English language in the school?

R. Birne (Free Technology for Teachers) recently pointed to five ways to use wikis for teaching-learning purposes:

1. As a digital portfolio of student-created videos.

2. As a place for students to share notes on each unit of study in your courses.

3. As an alternative to textbooks. Work with colleagues in your school or department to create a multimedia reference site for your students. Include YouTube videos that use the "choose your own adventure" model to allow students to pursue areas of interest.

4. As an alternative to textbooks. Have students create reference pages for units of study in your course. When you do this students become responsible to each other for creating accurate and meaningful content that they can refer to when it comes time for assessment.

5. As a place to track, document, and manage on-going community projects.

I would like to suggest having a look to this wonderful Wiki:
This is a site in which you can find great tips for using technology with kids and to explore exciting tools for getting the young learners to love learning a language. 

Some more wikis to get some more ideas by your own: 

Wikis in EFL

Wikis in the TEFL classroom
50 ways to use wikis for a more collaborative and interactive classroom

Or my favourite one!  Escola Ruiz Amado English 6th grade

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