Friday, April 20, 2012

Assessing literacy of pupils in a language other than a pupil’s mother tongue

AYLLIT is a project run within the ECML's (European Centre for Modern Languages) Empowering Language Professionals programme entitled "Assessment of young learner literacy linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages".

The project is coordinated by Angela Hasselgreen, Karmen Pizorn, Violeta Kaledaité and Natàlia Maldonado-Martin.

Its main aim is to give a framework for assessing the literacy of pupils in a language other than a pupil’s mother tongue and to offer teachers material and guidelines for the assessment of their pupils’ writing and storybook reading.

In its web page you can find a handbook that presents practical issues and principles associated with this assessment. The section on writing also contains a step-by-step guide for training teachers in the use of the material.

You will find tips on how to get pupils to write, how to assess their writing and how to give feedback. This is illustrated by pupils’ texts and teachers’ comments. In addition, the project website contains downloadable material for assessing writing. Samples of pupils’ writing across a range of levels are provided exemplifying how to use the proposed material, with comments demonstrating how the assessment can be used as a basis for feedback to the pupils.

In the following link -Resources- you will find the assessment material provided by AYLLIT project: writing descriptors, sample scripts of writing levels, and extremely useful text profiles and comments made by teachers.

This is one example of corrective feedback proposed in the handbook, among some other interesting assessment and correction tools.

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