Monday, April 16, 2012

Please do not disturb

"Please do not disturb" is an anonymous short poem I found by chance in a publicity leaflet of the New Zealand Post. I used to illustrate a new project about reading in my school and to give some extra ideas for implementing new activities around it.

It was a good idea to involve children in the production, thinking and taking photographs to illustrate the poem... Above all, language is the most important issue!

Please do not disturb
I'm travelling to new worlds, I'm moving back and forward in time, I'm face to face with heroes and adventurers, I'm gathering facts, I'm tracking down treasure, I'm living out my dreams, I'm feeling every emotion, I'm in the middle of a battle, I'm exploring outer space, I'm researching the Earth, I'm solving ancient mysteries, I'm breaking codes, I'm imagining cities I may never go to, I'm experiencing food and drink I may never taste, I'm discovering exotic animals, I'm picturing new colours, I'm picking up new skills and
I'm uncovering amazing possibilities.
Please do not disturb. I'm Reading. (Anon)

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