Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Olympic Games come closer!

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well."
Olympic Creed

This is a very nice quotation that points the importance to use this topic in any primary or high school class... in any subject!

But this year, as the Olympics take place in London, it brings to the ESL class an extra relevance and motivation.

Just let’s imagine some questions to research about:

  • What is the significance of the 5 rings in the Olympics emblem?
  • When do the Olympics start and where? The reason, the history, the context...
  • What are the Olympic sports now? What were the Olympic sports in the ancient Greece?
  • What are the main traditions? The torch relay, the medals... 
  • What countries do participate? Continents, working on maps, geolocalisation...
  • What is the Olympic Creed? What does it means?
  • Why it is one of the few times that the World tries to get together peacefully?
  • Differences between Summer and Winter Olympics.
  • What are the Paralympic Games?
The Telegraph. Photo: GETTY

Or some other topics around you can use to implement the project as:

  • Schedule and Results
  • Description of the sports
  • Flags
  • The Olympic Anthem
  • Knowing the athletes and their best performances
  • Tickets and prices

Just let you fly your imagination and thing in the many possibilities you’ve got to work the curriculum with an interesting and motivating topic like this.

Here I offer you some nice web sites to work with your students.  
If you find some more, please share!

The Official website for the London 2012 Summer Olympics

Activity Village. Find printables, colouring pages, medals, flags, maps, and links to other interesting materils to work with children. A very useful page of a French teacher with lots of resources to work out on the history of the Olympics, the Olympic charter, cliparts, listenings, interactive activities, activities to print, lesson plans, webquests, interactive games, paralympics, and much more!

A full olympic Project presented on a PowerPoint by David Deubelbeiss. You can get more Olympic resources on EFL Classroom 2.0. The Official website of the Olympic Movement: Athletes, sports, olympism, and lots of videos and photos.

Edmonds School. A good collection of links to elementary resources for working the Olympics. Do not miss the teacher section with printables and lesson plans.

ABC Teach. A full Olympics Theme Unit with worksheets and printables, certificates, reading comprehension activities, posters and crosswords.

In Woodlands Junior School you will find a very interesting page about sports and the ancient Greece Olympics.

Finally, one of my favourites: Escola Ruiz Amado Wiki in which the students have made a project on Amazing Olympic Athletes.  It is worth to have a look!

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