Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Storytelling Xtranormal: Animated Movies Made Easy!

Storytelling Xtranormal is a web application that lets you create videos and movies, of one or two characters, about different topics.

It is a very easy and friendly to use application, so even young children in primary school can use it. After the video is done you can save your animated stories and publish them on your school blog.

You only have to chose a scenes or background and the characters that are related to the chosen collection. There are many different options, even by nationality and sex.

Each scene and each character has a value. They are like virtual currency that can be achieved by inviting friends to the program, sharing our videos or buying them. This might have seen a disadvantage at first, but students will be highly involved. They have to know how to manage their currencies, and this can be a plus of motivation as they have to get more to buy new scenes and new characters.

This application can be used by both students and teachers. The teacher can introduce a topic with a short animated video, or students themselves may try to explain a subject creating one, acquiring thus the role of teacher.

For these reasons Storytelling Xtranormal has got a great pedagogical value. It can be used in any area and at any age because it develops different key skills, and not only the ones related to Language.

In short, this is a web application that offers many possibilities in the classroom and encourages also the motivation, interest, autonomy, creativity, imagination, collaboration among students.

The following video was done by one of my year 6 fast finisher students in just 20'.

Fire in the surgery room!
by: PauVila

Think about how can you "squeeze" this application and the many possibilities it can offer for the ESL class! 

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