Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Symbaloo, a tool for differentiated instruction

Ready to finish this school year, just thinking about the new one!

Personal Learning Environments (PLE - Personal Learning Environment) are systems that help students take control and manage their own learning.

      SymbalooEDU or Symbaloo is a website where we can organize the tools, websites and any online resource that we use in the classroom every day, creating what is called a "webmix" which can be set as your homepage when you open the browser or can be posted on the school website to be accessed from anywhere.

     It provides a configurable desktop that allows you to collect your favorite sites on one page, so students will have access to the collection of favorite resources from any Internet-connected PC.
Symbaloo is very easy to use and configure: Its interface consists of a grid with 60 spaces in which we will add the different resources to access them with one click.

      This tool also allows to organize sites in tabs, rearrange them (by dragging them into the box where we place them), edit, delete, add search engines, widgets and more. And, if you want to better organize them, we can use different colors or icons and use any picture that allows us to identify the sites.
Ceip Tierno Galvan. Murcia
As teachers we can create pages ourselves with all our bookmarks, or websites we use for a specific subject.With the Symbaloo bookmarker, we can easily add the website we are surfing on to our Symbaloo page, just by clicking the extra button that appears in our FireFox browser.

This is what I was looking for: 
  • I can have access to my favourite sites anywhere. 
  • I can change the tile icons to facilitate children access.
  • I can organize differentiated instruction or specific activities for SEN children.
  • I can individualise activities or researches. 
  • I can set a collection of activities to be done in our weekly work plan.
  • I can plan a project through different websites
  • I can share "webmixes" with my colleagues in the school.
  • ...

You can find different tutorials on the net such as: Manual de Symbaloo in Castellano or this "Symbaloo webmix":

Can you think in any other applications Symbaloo can offer in Primary Education and in English as a Second Language teaching?

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