Friday, July 13, 2012

The sounds of silence

Silence seems to me an appropriate word to end this cycle of blogging.

I had a very busy school year. And I'm sure I will have a very challenging next one, too! I think both are good excuses to take an extended break.

Thanks to everyone who has followed this blog and helped me, in some way, to make it such a rewarding experience.

"So, until we meet again in September, the rest is silence”.

Monday, July 09, 2012

A project about New Zealand

This is a short project made with my pupils of Y4 about New Zealand (10 years old - primary esl). The final outcome consisted of a booklet with all the information collected about this country, a display in the school corridor and a performance of a Maori song.

Children at work! Mind mapping, searching in the atlas, group working, questioning, downloading photos, comparing information in different languages, writing, contrasting, collaborating, describing, publishing, displaying... different mind and social processes and different challanges in only one task!

We also performed a children song about a Taniwha: In Māori mythology, taniwha (Māori pronunciation: [ˈtanifa]) are beings that live in deep pools in rivers, dark caves, or in the sea, especially in places with dangerous currents or deceptive breakers.

First we practiced it with a PowerPoint and then we sung it as an action song. Better to have a look!
I saw a taniwha
View more presentations from Enric Calvet.
And this is the song!
  • "I saw a Taniwha" is a song from Linda Adamson's Love to Sing Songbook, 1991.
  • To do this post one of my pupils suggest me to use PictureTrail an online photo sharing and image hosting website.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Introducing our school

School Els Convents. Martorell
“This is our school. 
It is in Martorell, a village near Barcelona.
It is a small school. It is very old. We are 230 children in the school. 
It has got two floors and an attic, a playground, a kitchen and a dining room, one gym, classrooms and toilets. 
Our school is very nice. We like it a lot.”

It is one of our latest short projects we did this school year. As we are planning to introduce our school to other children in Europe (within a Comenius Project), we must practice everything around the school topic: calendar and time table, rooms, activities and actions, subjects, people, likes and dislikes, favourites, and so on.

This was our first try! Next course we must to do it better, especially because we want to introduce our school by recording a video!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Do not know TRIPTICO?

Triptico is an excellent resource for any teacher to be use with the IWB. It currently contains over 20 different interactive resources, all of which can be easily edited, customized and saved for later use.

Triptico runs in any computer, both Macs and PCs, so it can be used with any model of interactive whiteboard, and it is completely free. Triptico is a must have for every teacher wishing to make better use of technology in the classroom to engage students and foster classroom participation.

To start with Triptico you only have to install and launch the application and explore the different available activity makers. You can customise your own activities to suit your subject and lesson.

What can you do with Triptico? Well, it is really up to you! The resources are often game-show inspired and you can easily adapt the language and difficulty from simple timers, image spinners, games, quizzes and text analysis tools.

Today I start with this Glog about Word Magnets, probably the one I use the most!

Word Magnets

If you are lucky enough to have an IWB in your English class or lab, the next screenshots will bring you some ideas of classroom-based interactive activities available in Triptico.

Class vote

Students grouping
Find Ten
Team Scores
Image Spinner
Countdown timer
... And much more!