Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Introducing our school

School Els Convents. Martorell
“This is our school. 
It is in Martorell, a village near Barcelona.
It is a small school. It is very old. We are 230 children in the school. 
It has got two floors and an attic, a playground, a kitchen and a dining room, one gym, classrooms and toilets. 
Our school is very nice. We like it a lot.”

It is one of our latest short projects we did this school year. As we are planning to introduce our school to other children in Europe (within a Comenius Project), we must practice everything around the school topic: calendar and time table, rooms, activities and actions, subjects, people, likes and dislikes, favourites, and so on.

This was our first try! Next course we must to do it better, especially because we want to introduce our school by recording a video!

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