Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Photographs collected by teachers for teachers

eltpics is a free photographic resource, allocated in Flickr, for teachers, created by teachers. All photographs are creative commons, so if you want to use them, all you need to do is credit the photographer.

eltpics was created in late 2010 by Victoria Boobyer, Carol Goodey and Vicky Loras. From Spring 2011, two more curators joined the team: Fiona Mauchline and Sandy Millin.

Used as flashcards, illustrations, or prompts, the eltpics gallery can be a wonderful way to bring realia to the ESL classroom.

Climbing a tall palm tree by @CliveSit in eltpics
As an example, you can help to develop creative writing or more fluent speech by grouping the children in fours or fives and giving them a larger number of selected photos, printed from the ELTpics collection.

The kids would select a picture, be encouraged to talk about it, collaboratively invent a story using all of the visual cues, and then each would tell another group, the class, or write down, his or her part of the story.

eltpics can help a lot and it would make it easier to establish a theme if one was needed.

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