Monday, October 08, 2012

The Internet and Language learning

From EnglishCentral, post published August 4, 2012
“ In the electronic age, we wear all mankind as our skin”
- Marshall McLuhan

"The internet offers the best way to learn language other than immersion in an English speaking milieu. (and even then, it offers support and a great way to assist language acquisition). The advantages of online learning can be summarized under the following headings:
Access – the internet offers the possibility to experience English without the need of travel. Even without the need of leaving home or bedroom.
Flexibility- the internet allows for users to learn language when they want, where they want.
Response – the internet offers the possibility of instant feedback to learners. This greatly enhances the learning experience.
Repeatability – the learner can encounter the language in a repetitive fashion until mastery is achieved.
Durability – the internet is 24/7. It never tires. It doesn’t take coffee breaks.
Modality – the internet is a multi modal learning tool. It stimulates in a rich sensory and cognitive manner and thus fertilizes language acquisition successfully.
Specificity – the internet allows the language learner choice and variety in both what and with who will be learned. Differentiation.  Learning can be tailored to the language learner’s precise makeup and needs.
Cost – the internet is a business model which due to economies of scale, can offer services for pennies. It also offers to widen access through a “pay as you can” dynamic."
I really recommend you to read the full article at EnglishCentral "Web 2.0 and Language Learning". August 4, 2012. You will find a complete rationale and guiding principles of this new kind of learning.


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