Monday, November 26, 2012

The importance of promoting diversity in the esl classroom

Primary classrooms are becoming more and more diverse. 

Many teachers lack a cultural awareness that allow them to recognize some cultural subtleties that may affect students’ learning. Some ESL pupils can feel embarrassed speaking in class. Others can make them extremely difficult to keep eye contact. Personal space may be another important issue: how close can you get to children without making them uncomfortable? Do the rest of your pupils demonstrate tolerance of others who are different than they are?

Then, how to manage all these variables?

I like to suggest you to follow this link 
and discover some games and activities that may help you appreciating diversity. Although it is high school oriented some of the activities are easily adaptable into primary.

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  1. What a great resource. Thank you! This week in Iowa, the governor is holding a bullying seminar- How to keep our schools safe. I feel like the more time we all take to appreciate and learn about other people, the less ignorant we are and more tolerant and accepting we become. Again, thanks for sharing! - Erica