Saturday, December 08, 2012

Language shouldn't be negotiable

I'm not used to talking about politics in this blog, but I'm fed up with this game.

If there is a matter with which politicians should not play is education: from it depends the future of a country.

Catalans have no problem with two languages​​,
 nor the people who have come to live in Catalonia from abroad. 
Reform announced by Spanish Minister Jose Ignacio Wert does not contain elements to hope for a substantial improvement in the quality of teaching, but the germ of an unnecessary conflict whose only motivation is to protect party interests. The text includes an unprecedented attack on the current language immersion system in Catalonia since regaining self-government and important concessions to retrograde approaches of the Catholic Church in education.

Starting from the premise that we must ensure compliance with the last June Supreme Court judgment in which it states  that Castilian is also common language, the future Reform stipulates that "in all stages of compulsory education co-official languages ​​should be offered in different subjects in balanced proportions”.This violates autonomous competences and it is a torpedo to the Catalan linguistic immersion educational system, in which the common language is Catalan. Different evaluation tests demonstrate that at the end of compulsory education, pupils know both Catalan and Castilian and, in any case, his command of Castilian is not lower than other students schooled in that language.

The minister spoke one day of “espaƱolizar Catalan children”, and it is hard to believe that he is acting with no other motivation than to create problems where none exist and feed the sense of grievance in Catalonia to get political revenues in the rest of Spain.

Equally serious are the religious concessions. The reform entails ideological regression designed to meet demands of the most vehement of the ecclesial dome: the subject of Education for Citizenship disappears, while religion, currently optional, become an evaluable subject.

This is what the school minister Wert wants to recover 
With the new system we go back to a dark past, in which it is given the privilege to only one confession, of offering moral and civic education under their particular ideological prism.

This plan is an assault on Catalan cultural identity: language is non-negotiable. Partido Popular party is totally ignorant of Catalonia, it is acting from bad faith, and it demonstrating that the EU is not as united as it seems, as it is letting one of their members to goes back in time and returns to ideologies pre-Second World War.

I hope it will backfire!


  1. Unfortunately, as you say at the beginning,we are not waiting for a better educative system. The languages problems is being used also as a "smoke curtain" to hide other important issues such as the fact that they may not respect secondary teachers specialities.

  2. So true! this is a very thick smoke curtain to hide many other problems as the one you mention. but the think I'm most offended is about the use of cultural issues to bring different communities into conflict. It's a real pitty we have these incompetent politicians.