Friday, December 14, 2012

Resources for High School ESL teaching

Site of the week!

George Chilton and Neil McMillan, both English teachers and teachers trainers based in Barcelona, are the authors of this inspiring ELT resources web. 

The site is addressed to high school English teachers at the levels of Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, FCE (Cambridge First Certificate in English), Upper-Intermediate, Advanced and CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English)

You can find very interesting proposals aimed "to engage and promote conversation in a semi-controlled way" and "to elicit natural language in order to create a dialogic relationship between the teacher and the learner"

The resources and lesson plans are really well structured in stages, timing and follow up activities. You can also find examples that illustrate the process. 

Do not miss one of the newest proposals: DJs Complaining. It is an introduction to authentic complaint language in context, providing practice using it.

Designer Lessons give ideas to create a "decent-enough framework and help to create an energetic, spontaneous environment in which to teach".

Just an example: 

The Time Traveller’s Class
adults, intermediate, teens, upper-intermediate
BBC, opinion, past modals, second conditional, Tribe, Video lesson

Banksy’s Caveman by Lord Jim (Flickr)
It is worth to have a look at this lesson plan!

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