Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Kingdoms, a good example of how to use a blog in the ESL class

Some time ago I posted a reflection about the use of Blogs or wikis to work English language in the school...  

At that moment I didn’t know about the blog I want to present today: Three Kingdoms.

This is a primary ESL blog full of challenging proposals to students, involvement and cooperative work, it is to say, the main features a school blog has to have.

Apart to be a great source for concrete information, it is chronologically oriented, with interesting activities, finds and researches children must do as the school year goes on. Students can share their work, ideas and thoughts with the teacher and the other students of the class and can compete among them for new tokens or points.

At the beginning of the year Luisa, the ESL teacher, introduced the blog in this way:

The land of the three kingdoms
KET the dragon

Far far away, there is a place where a sleeping dragon dominates the earth. This dragon's name is KET. It wakes up every June and many warriors try to defeat it.

The land of the three kingdoms is a magical place. There are many knights and ladies willing to defeat KET, but they are not prepared yet. The Black Witch will help them to prepare the battle and win KET.

Are you ready to live adventure?

Luisa, is the Black Witch and organize the class in three different teams. The blog is the media for proposing different tasks, short projects or homework. Once the tasks are completed children get points individually and/or for the group. The goal at the end of the year is to defeat KET the dragon and to get enough points to buy some prizes the Black Witch will announce.

I think it is worth to have a look, because you can get great ideas to organize your next ESL blog!

Five key issues in school ESL blogs

Motivation: it is literally the desire to do things.
Involvement or engagement to participate.
Interaction: It allows communication of any sort.
Challenge: with a sense of difficulty and victory. But always affordable!
Consistency: without contradiction and with logical coherence.

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