Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Homework? A suggestion...

What can we do about English? Is there any way we can help our child? “I do not know much English but, I would like to help my children maintaining  the language learnt in the school...” 

These, and other worries, are typical among parents when Summer is coming and they have to face a “long leisure time” with not much homework to do.

Here you are something can help when giving some directions to parents: PITENGLISH

Pitenglish comes out with the best YouTube video compilation for children to learn English. Parents will get children’s attention with these videos as they are funny and their children won’t make that much effort to enjoy them.

Many of them are based on songs where music naturally will strengthen the English language learning process. In this way children will not only get familiar with common sounds, but also identify words phonetically as an English-speaking child would do.

Parents might like to actively participate in their child’s education. We can encourage them to spend some time every day with children, reviewing videos of a specific category. Children will learn easily and have fun at the same time.

On the other hand, Pitenglish is a good platform where we, as English language teachers, can find a plenty of resources for our classes. As the videos are sorted by categories, it will be easy to find one of a particular subject. This will save a lot of time searching on the Internet.

Just an example. You can find this video-song in the clothes category:

Hope you enjoy the page!

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