Friday, June 07, 2013

English Summer Homework

School is nearly out for summer! But it also comes the time when parents become worried about summer homework, especially the ones related to English Language.

These are my suggestions to them.
“There are some “very good” websites to play, review and having fun at home. Some parents ask for English on Line methods for learning English for young children.... No way! (Even for adults, either!).

But there are sites where you can spend a good time while children learn vocabulary and simple structures.

  • We have a website here that is with many resources and games. I use it a lot in the school and I recommend it to my students, from Class 1 to Class 6 for working at home.

  • On this site you will find a lot of material to print, games and files for review. If you go camping and there is no good connection, print a few worksheets and that’s it! You’ll have hours of entertainment and fun!

  • This is a search engine of CLIC activities. Select the languages area, English language, Primary Level, and you’ll get 78 activities to do (which do not tell you if they are for initial, medium or high cycle).

  • And my last suggestion: This is the web page of the British Council in collaboration with the BBC for English Learners. I like this a lot and it is very complete. With patience you may be discovering fantastic activities and if your child is a little odd, sure to delight him or her.

I think you already have for quite a while. Hope this will help you”.

Have you got any other suggestions? Any other websites, materials or links? Please share!

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