Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learn English with Chip and Friends

Is it time to select new materials for the next school year? Are you thinking about some homework for summer? Are you going to do English language in Infantil? Do you want something new? 

New materials, books, activity books and other stuff for helping to teach English to Very Young Learners are always welcomed!

Recently one of my colleagues has published a series of activity books for children from 5 to 8 years old. Learn English with Chip and Friends is a 6 books of approaching method to the English language. From everyday issues and close contexts, students can complement learning English. Simple songs and very visual and intuitive exercises help integrate knowledge in a funny and autonomous way.

As the authors (Andrea Jiménez and Noemí Fernández) say: “Children learn languages playing. Therefore the books "Learn English with chip and Friends" are a great solution as a review or reinforcement of the English language. In the classroom teachers always seeks for the way children have contact to spoken language at all times. These activity books offer a paper support to reinforce the most familiar topics in these early ages”.

Worth to have a look!

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