Thursday, August 29, 2013

The importance of a personalised English room

From time to time The Guardian Teacher Network prepares a list of the best Top Ten Resources for any purpose related to school and teaching.

In the new back-to-school special you can find lots of interesting links and resources to manage your time as a teacher, to record home reading activities or to practice hand writing...

But, if you’re already back in school, or are heading in this week to sort your space out, have a read of Freya Odell’s handy piece on How to personalise your classroom. It’s full of tips on setting the tone in class like these ones:
  • Choose fab backing paper. It is essential to consider your topics and what might be a suitable backing paper for displays. 
  • Have your books on display. It is a lovely touch to have on display all of the books that our students will be exposed to throughout their five years with us. 
    Create a reading corner and you'll see what happend!
  • A connective wall.  It is a fantastic learning aid for supporting students with the development of their writing skills 
  • Have all of your learning aids at the front. If a display is useful to students it must be within their view. My learning aids are at the front of the classroom. 
  • It's ok to pinch ideas. If you find something that someone else has produced and offered, take it. 
  • Make sure you have students' work up on the wall. The students must have some ownership of the room. Their work should be displayed with their name and, if possible, their picture. 
  • A literature wall. Why do you love English so much? Demonstrate this to the students with posters, postcards, pictures, newspaper articles and other materials you find that are English and literature related. 
  • A wall of fame. Use pictures of students completing activities in your classroom. If possible, capture them looking happy. And, of course, you must try to make your corridor a little different 
  • Display, display... always display student's work up!


  1. Thank you for all the great ideas! :)

    1. Thanks Elvira. It's a pleasure to share every little idea can help to our daily practice!