Monday, September 23, 2013

Resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Preschool

If you are one of those brave ESL Teachers who has decided to start teaching English as a Foreign Language in kindergarten, then this post may be of your interest.

Anyone who has taught preschoolers will tell you that it is a challenge. While they are cute, funny and often eager to learn, preschoolers are also energetic, active and often difficult to keep on any particular task for more than a few minutes at a time.
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That is why it takes a special kind of teacher and special ideas for your ESL preschool class to work. Games, stories and songs are the perfect answer to the challenge of teaching preschool ESL classes.

For this reason it is very important to find good materials, tips and suggestions that help you preparing your ESL sessions. 

First, I would like to recommend “Preschool Teaching” an article written by Sandee McHugh-McBride and Judie Haynes, and published in In this you will find themes, lessons, and materials to implement in your preschool classes, as well as some ideas to effectively teach the ELLs in your preschool class. It is worth to devote some time for the reading and for to do some research through the links they propose.

And second, do not miss this blog I especially like from a Venezuelan teacher, Rosa Amelia, in which you can find hundreds of resources, most of them made by her.

There is a complete explanation on how to use each resource and links to for downloading them.

Due to the cut out of expenses and investment in public education, and the lack of time to plan and carry a successful session with very young learners, I think we, teachers, must do a "perfect" exercice of imagination to save time and effort preparing and sharing materials.

It is a good way to start with!


  1. Oh Wow !!!! Thanks for this.... such an honor... I´ll post a link...
    Rosa Amelia

  2. Hola, me llamo Francisco y te escribo desde el CEIP Azorín de Monóvar, en la provincia de Alicante. Tan solo quería darte la enhorabuena por tu extraordinario blog. Yo también doy clases de inglés en infantil y me apasionan estos primeros niveles, por eso intento buscar nuevas ideas para poder aplicar en mis clases. No conocía tu blog pero me ha encantado. Great job!! Si te apetece pasarte por el mío puedes hacerlo en Por ahora tengo poquitas entradas ya que las del año pasado las borré todas, pero en fin... little by little. También tengo una sección llamada "Friends" en la que puedes echar un comentario y mencionar el nombre de tu blog. Pues nada... enhorabuena y feliz curso!!

    1. Hola Francisco, gracias por tu comentario y tus felicitaciones. Aunque no resulta fácil continuar con la búsqueda y investigación de nuevos recursos para la enseñanza del inglés en infantil y primaria (con la que está "cayendo" hay que tener muchas ganas!), siempre es una recompensa que algunos maestros visiten el blog.
      Por supuesto que he visitado tu blog (soy de profesión "chafardero digital"!) y me ha gustado mucho como planteas tus sesiones con los peques.
      Te iré siguiendo y felicidades a ti también por vuestro blog! Que tengáis un buen curso!

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