Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thinking Global, Being Global

"By introducing children early on to concepts of globalization, we stand a greater chance of the next generation utilizing technology and creativity to create a healthier and happier world.

The key is presenting our interconnection to kids in a fun and positive manner, helping them to understand the wonders of our differences and the wonders of our similarities, so they grow up feeling empowered and excited to be part of this global family!" -EcoMom

Have you ever visited the pyramids? Do you like sushi? Can you say “hello” in Swahili? Discover what it means to be global in this sweet and lighthearted book, What Does It Mean to Be Global?, by author Rana DiOrio.

Have a look at the story and think about the possibilities to use it in your classroom, in how to teach and learn the goodness in exploring, appreciating, and respecting other children's traditions, religions, and values the world over.

Sparks intellectual curiosity about other parts of the world

But Being Global is also a bilingual storybook and activity iPad app. 

It is an interactive edutainment app that can be a conversation starter for parents and educators to learn and cultivate conscious awareness. Being Global has a cool coloring book mode, a journal mode, and a lesson plan mode for teachers who want to integrate Being Global into their classroom. The narrator has a wonderfully soothing voice and the music is spot-on.

It is worth to have a look!

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