Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Locality, an example of multilateral project working

The materials I want to share with you today are quite old, but they are still very useful if you want to offer your students the possibility to work the town or the city in a more "multilateral" and "sharing" way.

The OUR LOCALITY poster project consists of two activity booklets containing 15 photocopyable cut-and-paste pages, and two posters, each consisting of two A3 sections, a top and a bottom.

The activities follow a cross curricular theme and could be attempted by any primary class group, depending on the level of expectation. Any activity could be expanded for greater depth of study or could accompany a series of photographs, drawings or a video of the locality.

In the Our Locality project the children present aspects of the local area in a project format. In all classes it is possible to include pictures of the area, physical features, other cultures and languages in the area, shopping in the area, things which can be seen from the school, flags typical of the locality, etc. High level classes could draw maps and plans of the area.

The children should be encouraged to work in teams on different aspects of the project thus building a class project.

This project offers opportunities for linking schools in a multilateral school partnership, as the project could be exchanged with children from other countries working on a similar project. In high level classes the inclusion of videos, photographs, stories, poems, dances and recorded music from the area would greatly enhance the project work.

If the school is on Internet, the children could publish their articles, photos or videos in the school blog, in a wiki or in the school web site.

The 15 photocopyable cut-and-paste pages

And the two posters, each consisting of two A3 sections, a top and a bottom.
These materials were produced with the assistance of E.U. Socrates funds in and European Training Programme in 1997. The project co-ordinator was Seamus O'Neill from Navan Education Centre in Ireland,  with the help of teachers from Denmark, Finland, and Ireland.

You can find another project proposal called My City, Project Based Learning or Content Based Learning in the ESL class in this same blog

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