Monday, November 11, 2013

Games about Dinosaurs, Birds and Mammals...

Some days ago I was surfing the net in search of some information for a project about dinosaurs we are planning in the school.

I landed in The Canadian Museum of Nature and, surprisingly I found a great collection of online games and animations about mammals, birds, and dinosaurs!

(Follow this link to get the gallery interactives)

I just tried two games in the Fossils section. The first one “Dinos in Time” is very well organized information about the Mesozoic Era, from 225 million years ago, to 65 million years ago when dinosaurs suffered mass extinction. The second was about reconstructing the bones that make up a horned dinosaur's front foot (a Chamosaur) and then watching a video.

You can find up to 30 games in this section related to fossils and dinosaurs, but you also have the mammals section and the birds section with dozens of on line games.
Just have a look! You will find the games and animations very appropriate for elementary school students. You can link them in your school blog as fun activities or for students to test the knowledge they gained from one of your lessons about mammals, birds, or dinosaurs.

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