Monday, November 18, 2013

Is there any Difference Between Doing Projects and Project Based Learning?

I’ve been posting a lot about PBL (Project Based Learning) and Teaching English as a Second Language:

But there is a big difference between doing projects in the class and learning through projects. The main goal of a project is the final product, while project-based learning main goal is the process.

Paul Curtis recently shared some excellent visuals on  #NewTechNetwork that shows a different approach to clear up the difference:

A “Doing Project” unit is teacher-directed and it will see a linear series of often tightly-scripted activities that will culminate in a project.

Project Based Learning is student-centred and there is constant checking, revising, feedback, and reflection. PBL has a recursive nature: It starts at some point, and then at another point later the class moves on. This is the authentic–and messy–project-based learning.

Have a look at the following infographics, shared by Paul Curtis, with some key ideas on Project Working, Project Assessment and The Inquiry Process.

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