Saturday, December 21, 2013

Online Authentic Videos for meaningful ESL learning

One of the most difficult issues to work without published English course books is to find good videos (and listenings) adapted for the ESL class at any level. Even if you work with published materials, videos are not as authentic as children deserve for their learning.

With the help of my colleague Patricia Meneses, an awesome Art CLIL teacher and teacher trainer, we did a research in Internet on web pages, You Tube channels or Vimeo channels with videos, short films or commercials suitable to be used in the class with elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate students.

And here you are the result. Hope you find the right one! Safe videos for kids, organized by age. KidsTube is like YouTube for kids, where ages 3-13 upload and share their own videos in a monitored, safe environment that's 100% family-friendly. They also have social networking for kids to prepare them for teen sites like FaceBook. Delicious recipes for kids, written recipe and video. In order to find what you are looking for you need to choose, so kids have to start making decisions right from the beginning. You'll love this website!

Film English. By Kieran Donaghy. Lots of short video films including lesson plans to go with them. Some of them are silent films you can paractice dubbing or subtitling activities

Makemegenius, A You Tube channel with science videos for Primary students. A bit difficult for esl learners, but maybe useful with some scaffolding.

Bookbox, which has a lot of short stories less than ten minutes, all with subtitles, designed for teaching children. You can watch some favorite stories a whole new way through the eyes (and fingers) of kids. Amazing! This is a great site for children to watch videos of celebrities reading popular children's books aloud. Free educational videos organized by age, subject, topic, common core. Lots of amazing animals, nature, science and history videos for your CLIL or science classes. Videos dealing with all subjects. Children can discover the world through the museum of science, art, and human perception with tons of programmes... Film trailers, books reviews,  video clips, … It can be a  great resource to start a project, a lesson or whatever, it will arise your students interest! This is a video sharing platform, specifically designed for students and educators with best videos from schools and students everywhere.

Filminute With 25 different films all chiming in at a minute! You can use them as listening activities, attention getters, things for students to describe, or inspiration for your students' own events!

Geico commercials. Commercials provide wonderful conversation prompts and clear, easy to follow audio and text that reflect natural speech. This is a good one to start with. A site with a lot of great ideas for teaching. There are links to video and accompanying lesson plans that are easy to adapt to your class.

YouTube Pixar Channel Just a classic!

Ringling College of Art Design channel in Vimeo. HQ videos for reflection and starting discussions about personal topics. Watch here the latest!


But if you are not still happy with this list, you can have a look to the following stacks:

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