Wednesday, February 26, 2014

“Sharing to learn” (Compartir per Aprendre)

“Sharing to learn” is a project started in my school at the beginning of this school year 2013-14.  

This is the link to the general blog of “SHARING TO LEARN”.
Almost every day a group of students from our nearest “high schools” come to our school, and become “Language Assistants“for a while. They share their knowledge, experiences and “good English” with our students of grade 4 and 6.

Two are the main objectives of this project:
  • To push our students to talk in English by interacting with the language assistants, the teacher and the other students.
  • To enjoy and take advantage of the good model language assistants can provide them in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation and expression.

 Enthusiasm, collaboration and fun are guaranteed!

"This experience has taught me that you can make the best out of something quotidian. I have learned ways to teach, to explain myself, to get the kids to listen to me, and I have improved my confidence. But most of all, doing this project has made me feel incredibly happy, because working with kids is really joyful, but being aware that you actually helped them and taught them something, makes me feel very happy". (Paula)

"The project ''Sharing to Learn'' has meant to me a great chance: to provide a service to the community implies to do your best to be useful to others. The satisfaction of seeing that every day you are able to improve your Language Assistant role, added to the adventure that it implies dealing with children, has made of these months of work an unforgettable experience. I totally recommend getting involved in this kind of projects because it really has made me grow as an English student and as a person". (Clara)     

Monday, February 17, 2014

This is Our School

Here in my country, and some days before the period of time for enrolling new students in the school, there is what we call an "Open Doors Day" for parents who want to take a deeper look to the school and want to know more about our educational project.

Parents hand by hand with the director or the head teacher of the school walk around the different classes and "visit" the dining room, the computer room, the music room... among some other different spaces.

The idea was "Why don't we do a short presentation of the school in English?". Although some parents don't know a word of this language, English is one of our big bets in the school and has a significant weight in our educational school life.

The students of grade 6, in groups of three or four, chose one room or space of our school and did a presentation.

First they prepared a script and a written description just to rehearse the oral production.

Then, they recorded in video their production, just as a way to know "the feeling" of speaking in front of an audience.

Get a taste of it!

This is our school from Enric Calvet on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Animals, Animals!

Following my last post about Mind mapping tools, here you are a short project made by a group of children from grade 4 in the school Pau Vila.

It was done within the project "Sharing to Learn" with two language assistants that come from our nearest High School.

The students had to develop a mind map with the characteristics of their chosen animals and then, with the only use of this schematic information, they had to present their animals in front of the class and the camera. They used different sources: posters, internet, books, worksheets... and they learnt the meaning of the connectors in a mind map.

The Mind map was made using a big sheet of paper and not one of the web 2.0 available tools, I'm afraid! But this was because some artistic creation was also required.

 And this is a short video to show the results. Collaborations, sharing, speaking and some fun are guarateed!
Animals 2 from Enric Calvet on Vimeo.