Saturday, February 01, 2014

Animals, Animals!

Following my last post about Mind mapping tools, here you are a short project made by a group of children from grade 4 in the school Pau Vila.

It was done within the project "Sharing to Learn" with two language assistants that come from our nearest High School.

The students had to develop a mind map with the characteristics of their chosen animals and then, with the only use of this schematic information, they had to present their animals in front of the class and the camera. They used different sources: posters, internet, books, worksheets... and they learnt the meaning of the connectors in a mind map.

The Mind map was made using a big sheet of paper and not one of the web 2.0 available tools, I'm afraid! But this was because some artistic creation was also required.

 And this is a short video to show the results. Collaborations, sharing, speaking and some fun are guarateed!
Animals 2 from Enric Calvet on Vimeo.

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