Friday, March 21, 2014

An Example of CLIL Module: Making Grape Juice in the class

This is an update of a previous post.
In one of my previous posts A Science Workshop in English I suggested the idea to offer “CLIL modules” on language and content, one or two hours per week.

The aim of these modules is to offer a "language shower" and to cover some basic aspects or sub-competences both in English and the chosen subject: it is to say a “short-term high-intensity exposure"!

The following Power Point, made in one of my science module class, was done taking benefit of the research project done in L1 and L2*.

We used the English language as a reinforcement of the content, transferring cognitive processes between languages and as a communicative gateway to explain other students and parents the work done in the school.

And here you are a snippet of the presentation in front of the class:

*L1: Catalan
*L2: Spanish

In addition to language, you can do many things in English, even scientific, natural or social content.

Classroom life is an important source for topics in any area: children find animals (insects or arachnids) in the playground or bring a drawing of an old Egyptian cryptogram or a photo of a castle… Every single thing can be the flash point for a new project or research.

This is a multidisciplinary challenge!

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