Saturday, March 29, 2014

"My School Windows"

Once more, as every year, we are ready to celebrate our School Spring Festival. 

This year we want to show to parents our teaching philosophy, how children learn in the school, how we cope with diversity and how we take care of different learning styles and different intelligences. So, we called the festival “Les finestres del Pau Vila” (The windows of the school Pau Vila), as we are constantly open windows to the world, looking the world through them and letting the whole world to come into the school.

To me and to all the school children are protagonists of their learning, not the teacher. This means giving the child the main role, enhancing their autonomy in taking decisions and actions in all frames of their learning. 

We teach in a holistic way, because we learn in a holistic way.

And this means learning from experiences: Experiences help us develop the human qualities of happiness, pleasure, joy, attention, concentration, awareness, expression, creativity, respect, outside and inside silence ... They also provide security and help us to affirm the inner self-esteem that we all need.

How we do that?

  •       By making learning visible.
  •       By engaging in meaningful activities, such as problem solving, discussions, or narratives, the learner’s interlanguage system is stretched and encouraged to develop.
  •       By giving learners tasks to transact. They provide an environment which best promotes the natural language learning process.
  •      By doing Project Based Learning because

a)      It is student-centred and there is constant checking, revising, feedback, and reflection.
b)      PBL has a recursive nature: It starts at some point, and then at another point later the class moves on.
c)      PBL is cross curricular and integrates content, knowledge and skills from different subjects.
d)      This is the authentic–and messy–competence-based learning.
  •     By using metacognitive strategies

You can hardly imagine how the school looks like during the festival! Showing all the productions, projects, outcomes and thoughts from all the school would be a hard work and sure I would miss some very important issues (if someone record a video, soon I will post it in here!)

But I wanted to show in this blog what children said and did about our English classes.

After Christmas we started the project to show “How do we learn English in the school?

First of all we collected some information among all the English students in the school, from grade 1 to grade 6, this means... 325 children! Then, three questions arose:

  1. How can we show to parents the way we work in the English class?
  2. What project or projects have you enjoyed the most this school year?
  3. Think in one sentence that defines the way we work English in our school.

With the information we got from this little questionnaire we started to think in our particular display. First we transformed some shoe boxes into windows. Inside the windows we placed our favourite projects or tasks. Then we decorated the box, added some curtains or blinds, and that’s it! 
The result was a big display in the school corridor.

I think the photos in the following PowerPoint will give you an idea about our “Display of Projects”.


  1. A fantastic idea Enric !!! Making learning visible, that's the clue! And I love the display, so cute!

  2. Thank you Patricia! My school looks pretty again and displaying learnings is a must for anyone in the school community!