Sunday, March 09, 2014

Teaching Maths Through English or English Through Maths: A CLIL approach

Are you thinking in doing some CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) next year? Is Maths your favourite subject to do it but the staff of your school thinks that this is a too tough for to be taught in English? Need some good reasons to convince parents and teachers? Or, are you not sure about some "language" issues when teaching maths...?

Here you are some good "references" may help you!

1.  Teaching Maths Through English. A CLIL approach. This is a book is designed to help CLIL  Teachers practically and effectivelly teach maths through the medium of English. Written by experienced CLIL teachers, it provides useful tips and guidelines on how to plan lessons and develop activities and resources in support of a CLIL approach.

Teaching Maths Through English. A CLIL Approach University of Cambridge. ESOL examinations. From Enric Calvet

2. Another suggestion is to read the following article written by Tracie Heskett "How to teach Math to English Language Learners" in
"Students who are still learning English need instruction in vocabulary to help them understand new math concepts. Exposure to the language of mathematics will help them learn to talk about and write about what they are learning in math"

3. Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes maths practice fun! IXL motivates students through interactive games and exercises while keeping teachers and parents informed and involved. With more than 2,500 skills spanning preschool and grade 11, IXL offers a dynamic and enjoyable environment suitable for any learning style. Students who use IXL are succeeding like never before.

4. Primary CPD in Pinterest 
Hundreds of resources curated by Claire Corroon. She's providing in her web page Math strands and strand units for Infants to Sixth Class, and Teaching Methodologies and Approaches. Really helpful!

I know there are lots and lots of web pages in the net about Maths and Language Teaching (CLIL). With some calm you can find your way through this mess of information. I suggest starting with: 

CLIL: Teaching Math to Language Learners from Shelly Terrell

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