Monday, April 07, 2014

A Visit to Mercabarna

I am very lucky to be an English Language “specialist” teacher because it offers me the possibility of having a broad view about what is happening in every class. In my school all teachers do project working and this means that proposals, topics and tasks appear here and there at any time.

Sometimes I take benefit of this by doing a part of the project in English language or by helping the tutor preparing a presentation or a display.

As we are participating in a health campaign called “Five a day” (five portions of fruits and vegetables per day), every year we plan a visit to the wholesale market of fruits and vegetables of Barcelona (Mercabarna).

In the following Power Point, made by a group of grade 3, you can see a selection of photos made by themselves and some comments they wrote in collaboration with the help of our “High school language assistants”.

The Power Point gave us the opportunity to present the fruits and vegetables we saw in Mercabarna to other groups, to learn how to pronounce and speak in clear way and to control the "tempo" of a presentation (interesting issue!)

 It was a fantastic recall and an excellent oral practice, as well!


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