Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teaching Art through English or Teaching English through art? CLIL!

This is an old post that has been revisited. All links have been checked and I included the following paper about some things you can do in the ART CLIL class. Hope you find it useful!

1. Resources to make digital art.

Here you are some interesting web resources for children to use to create a digital image.
Many of them use Flash. So you will need to capture the image you want by taking a screen picture with the PrintScreen key, with Grab or Jing or whatever other program: as soon as you have the capture... just use your imagination!

  • Incredible@art Probably one of the best sites! 126 links to pages with art games,experiments, digital art... 

  • PicassoHead. Children can drag face elements to the canvas and make a painting in a Picasso style.

  • Play different games related to art visiting the Tate Gallery.

  • The Scribbler. Children make a simple drawing and Scribbler trace over and create interesting line patterns. 

  • The Pictomizer. Just choose a photo, a colour and a saying, and you get a Warhol style photo. 

  •  ZigZagPhilosophy. Children build up lines and piles like sand falling from above. Try some other interesting effects from the same site.  

  • Design a Mosaic. 16 different sites to create mosaics: Roman, fishburn, celtic, greek, geometric... 

  • Jackson Pollock. To get a Jackson Pollock-style pattern is very simple just by using the mouse.

  •  Kaleidoscope. Like in a real kaleidoscope, patterns and lines are mirrored and multiplied.

  • Iconscrabble. It is in German. Children type a word up to 18 characters into the box (Begriffe eingeben). They click Scrabble to see their word converted into icons. Then press “Bild herunterladen” to generate a png image.

  • Graffiti Creator. Children can create a “professional-look" graffiti from any selected word. They play with the settings until they generate what they want. 
  • Dreamlines: Type in a word or words and it generates dream-like images that change before your eyes.

  • Bomomo .Using the icons from the bottom of the screen, children click and drag on the screen and see the results. They repeat as many times as they want.

Aminah's World. Click on “Create your own artwork”. Children can choose from a very complete set of objects, material, papers, to build a collage. You can print it or save it as a .jpg.

Now it is time to think about how to use all of these resources in your Primary Art CLIL classes.

2. Resources to explore art. Resources for teachers.

  • Google Art project. Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

  • Webexhibit. An interactive museum of science, humanities, and culture.

  • Take one picture. The National Gallery's countrywide scheme for primary schools. Different ways of using pictures in the classroom

  • MoMa K-12 Teachers. Make MoMA your classroom. Learn to look closely, discuss art, and think critically.

    Resources for teachers and lesson plans

    • Explore Art & Design at the Smithsonian. Activities and games.



    Well! I think you've got for a while! Hope you enjoy!

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