Friday, April 04, 2014

Teaching English Creatively

10 creative ways to teach English that deliver outstanding results is an article that Anna Warren published in The Guardian for inspiration and different approaches for creative English lessons.
Of course, teaching English as L1 or L2 or, even ESL matters a lot, but inspiring young imaginations using the arts and plannning a creative curriculum offers a good support to maintain high expectations from all our pupils.

As a ferver defender of project working and open curriculums, I really like the idea of teaching Language through arts: through painting, music composition, a film project, in role drama or sculpture, always having a real purpose in mind. I was happy to find such a clear article like this because some of the approaches are right now in my teaching portfolio.

  • Immersion activities
  • Clear purpose
  • Professional publishing
  • Meaningful planning
  • Focus on strategies
  • Inspirational learning environement
  • Drama to engage and inspire
  • Rigorous teaching of spelling and phonics
  • Grammar concepts taught creatively
  • Peer and self assessment

If you want to read more about these approaches, then have a look to the following link: 10 creative ways to teach English that deliver outstanding results (it worth it!)

Anna Warren is the English subject leader and the year 6 teacher at Holy Trinity and St Silas School, London.

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