Monday, May 05, 2014

A New Architecture of Project Based Learning?

During this school year I have been developing a new architecture roadmap to implement project working in my esl classes.

Some things I have considered:
  1. “Project-based learning requires much preparation and planning as we don’t use any text book or activity book”. 
  2. "Project work begins with an idea and an essential question” 
  3. "The learning process is very student centred" 
  4. “It is important to remember that many content standards will be addressed”
  5. “With these standards in mind, design a plan that will integrate as many subjects and/or knowledge as possible into the project”
  6. “I must have in mind what materials and resources will be accessible to the students”
  7. “It is also very important consider the students need of assistance in managing their time **a definite life skill!” 
  8. The role of the teacher/lecturer is to facilitate rather than teach
  9. “Finally, I must strongly think about multiple tools for assessing my students' completion of the project: 
    • Did the students master the content? 
    • Were they able to apply their new knowledge and skills? 
    • Did they work in a collaborative or cooperative way? 
    • Where they able to apply IT skills?” 

All these reflections drove me to prepare the following Power Point addressed to an “in service teacher training”.

Assessment doesn't just happen at the end of a project, of course! Here you are some tips, tools and strategies to help with formative assessment.

And, just a final paper to shed some more light on PBL strengths...

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