Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Project about Castles

As a teacher of young learners of English you know (of course!) the value of using stories in the classroom. They are a powerful tool not only for enjoyment and motivation, but also for learning British culture, traditions and festivities, and so on.

In Catalonia we have the tradition of telling the Legend of St George (our saint patron) to children the 23rd of April.

Children are usually interested in finding out the differences between their own culture and the culture of children in the UK. The legend of St. George and the Dragon has a strong connection between the British and the Catalan culture, as it is a story with deep roots in both cultures.

Related to this legend we read about the legend of King Arthur, his treasure and the knights of the round table.

The starting point was was a MacMillan book for grade 5. But the surprise was that children were more interested on castles than on the legend itself! Reading about ghosts, buildings, inhabitants and black stories was a great prompt to start a project: My castle.

In the following Power Point you can have a look to the process and the possibilities this project offers to young learners of ESL.

An imaginary version of a legend can help a lot when deciding what and how to do our castle!

Click on the image!

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