Saturday, July 12, 2014

The End

That's all folks!

I’m closing down the blog for the summer. After 3 years, 200 posts, nearly 130,000 hits, and many comments, visits, views, ... I think it’s time to call it a day!

I hope this won't be the end of blogging. In the autumn I’ll be back for sure, but probably some changes will be done. A new spirit, a new direction....

Education matters are going bad in my country and we need critical voices to cheer up the discouragement of teachers. We can not give up teaching... we need to fight for children's, parents and teachers rights.

Enjoy yourselves and be good!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Younger the Better?

The introduction of a foreign language in kindergarten is often justified by the widespread belief that “as soon as children begin to become familiar with the new language, easier learning will be”.

The statement "children are like sponges", is a usual comment made both from teachers and from families. These are often the ones that tend to address pressure to schools headmasters to achieve that their children start learning English when they have not yet started primary school.

  • Are you one of those that are planning to start teaching English in kindergarten next school year?

  • Is your school evaluating the possibility of carrying out the introduction of a second or a third language in infant school? 

  • What do experts say about it? 

Take your time to read through these articles and make your own opinion. But do not forget that:

"Starting teaching English, as a second or third language, in kindergarten must be based on an agreement on the methodology and the goals to achieve throughout schooling. Teachers need to know early childhood education characteristics and English language must be integrated within general school program in order to develop a joint project. Teaching English for one or two hours a week doing out of context activities, will be a waste of time!" 
Carina Sisqués i Ignadi Vila "L'ensenyament de l'anglès a l'educació infantil. 11-16 Perspectiva Escolar núm 374