Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Micro Writing in the ESL class... Another Good Idea!

I've been searching for a long time the way to motivate my students into writing. Here in this blog you can have a look to other posts with prompts, creative writing ideas and some "juggling" and tricks for to engage children writing. I don’t know about you but my students in the school seems to have less and less need to write with every passing day, so soon they won’t have any need to do it.

Writing texts clearly and comprehensively is a difficult task because you have to bring into play a series of different processes and different skills. The days of communication via Messenger or ‘whatsapp’ are numbered according the new apps that are appearing (voice whatsapp , apps for converting voice to text, on line ‘intelligent’ translators, , ... ) .

So what should we do to motivate our students to write?

The following PowerPoint is from a session of Ceri Jones at the British Council in Barcelona that I found simply extraordinary, not only for the simple idea of "micro- writing", but also for the high motivation that arouses in children this way of "playing" with language .

It is about exploring how a range of micro writing tasks can activate language, encourage communication and aid class cohesion. Micro-writing comes from the Write to Learn tradition, which is also popular in L1 content teaching.

I’m sure I will use some of the proposed activities and strategies with my students this year. I will tell you more in next posts.

Here are a few links to articles and blog posts exploring and explaining the Write to Learn approach.
“Writing is one of the most effective ways to develop thinking”. (Syrene Forsman)
  • More about Writing to Learn                                                                             "I don't know what I think until I write it down." (Norman Maler)

You can also find some other posts about ‘prompting to write’ in this blog:

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