Friday, October 24, 2014

My parents Favourite Music


This is a project about the music the students’ parents and/or grandparents listen to.

The students will develop a full project contrasting and comparing different issues: culture, lyrics, bands, singers, traditions, dancing styles, places to dance, performances, type of music...

Within the project they will do a survey among their parents or grandparents, they will collect and present the information and they will do a little research about the past.

We will offer different possibilities for the final task: work the lyrics out, perform the dancing style of each music or song, create a mix-song file (revival), do a show and tell, desig an LP cover or “jacket”, a display or an exhibition...


The main objectives of this project are:
  • To do a survey to parents or grandparents about the anglo – american music and singers they used to listen to when they were young. 
  • To do a research about different aspects around that music: lyrics, singers and bands, clothes, styles, performances… in that time. 
  • To present the results of the survey and the research in the format the students choose: a video, a Power Point, a revival, a show and tell, a performance, a poster or display … 
  • To leader an activity in front of the class: filling the gaps, role play, play back, karaoke… Top give value to partners’ productions

To start the project we used as a warm up two videos from You Tube: Pentatonix and “Breaking down music styles”.

We also used a document to help children in their initial research.

First we made a brainstorm to know what questions we want to do to our parents about the music and groups they used to listen when they were young. Then they did a survey and tried to organize the information in grids or in an Excel. After this, in groups, they decided what outcome they want to do as a final production: a Power Point, a Word document, an oral presentation video recorded, karaoke, Web 2.0 tools... Finally, we share our productions with all the class, with the rest of the school and parents. The project was evaluated with a rubric, a self-assessment and a group-assessment.

Content, skills and competencies 

With this project we are coping in an integrated way all the basic language skills: speaking, listening, writing, reading and interacting. We also work other competencies like learning to learn, ICT, arts and crafts, social... It is and interdisciplinary project as we use knowledge from different areas in a contextualized way: audio-visual production, communicative abilities, processing information, knowledge transfer, attitude of collaboration and cooperation…

If you want to know more about this project, download the lesson plan, documents and rubrics, click on this link: ARC

TLEinC. ICE UAB Teacher trainers group work 2014:  Núria Biosca Perich, Enric Calvet Tomàs, Anna Esteban Nieto, M. Emília Masdéu Chimeno, Manuela Moledo Nores, M. Carmen Pérez Martín, Antonio Orihuela Lechuga

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